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Shiksha ki Udaan

The HPS leadership team has started an “Shiksh Ki Udaan” program for children. These children come from families that depend on manual labour for their livelihoods and cannot afford any education. HPS provides them free education, books, school uniforms, transportation, and coaching and mentoring. HPS teachers mentor these students and act as their guardians at parent teacher meetings and interactions.

In addition, HPS also provides several need-based scholarships and grants to students.

how you can help

  1. Adopt a child – ₹ 50,000 per year. This will provide tuition fees, books, school uniforms, and all other expenses for one child for one academic year. The sponsor may choose to receive regular feedback on the progress of the child.

  2. One-time gift of equipment – The school needs equipment and infrastructure such as child-friendly computers, audio-visual teaching modules, sports and exercise equipment, library books, reference books. Donations of varying amounts are welcome.

  3. Donate time and skills – we welcome the chance to host experts from diverse fields for skill-enhancing workshops and courses. These could include arts and crafts, music, public speaking, drama, etc.