About Us


Himalayan Progressive School



Established in 2003, Himalayan Progressive School (HPS) is committed to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. We are here to challenge the notion that a good education is an expensive education. We believe that while ability is evenly distributed among all students, opportunity is not. To that end, a good education provides the best opportunity for human flourishing. Education, apart from its intrinsic value, is also a means of change in society and the lives of our students. We constantly challenge and encourage students to improve themselves, and to strive for their personal and professional betterment. The teachers are encouraged to experiment in the classroom to improve learning and understanding. Year-upon-year, we maintain a peer-leading teacher-to-student ratio of 1:30. The results of our policies and effort are plain to see: all our students pass their school-leaving examinations and many of them make it to prestigious national universities. The infrastructure and programs are constantly improved to the students’ benefit. The school is led and managed by a team of dedicated individuals who bring a wealth and variety of vision, experience, and expertise from diverse fields.