• Computer Lab
  • Science Lab
  • Language Lab
  • Library
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  • Arts & Crafts Rooms
  • Music Rooms
  • Class Rooms
  • E-Learning Rooms

Computer Lab

The school houses fully equipped state-of-the art Computer labs- for junior and primary wing where the complete strength of the classes can be catered at one go. The students have free access to the systems and are encouraged to explore the system resources with the support of highly experienced and talented computer teachers.

Science Lab

Physics ‘Learning by doing’. This is exactly what is followed at all the labs at HPS. The Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology labs are equipped with modern devices and are child friendly. Children get regular exposure to the science lab for the better understanding of the concepts through observation, experimentation and demonstration.

Language Lab

The language lab, is equipped to empower students with strong linguistic skills. The latest equipment makes it possible for the optimum utilization of audio-visual inputs which go a long way in reinforcing the listening and speaking skills of students. Here students learn to polish their English


Himalayan Progressive School Library is the favourite haunt of all the teachers and the students. It is a library cum reading room. ‘Some books are meant to be read, some to be chewed, some to be digested’, catches your attention as you enter to the school library, kind of sending message that you have entered an important zone, where reading is the mantra, which shall open the door of knowledge and wisdom. There are seven thousand books on different subjects available in library. Reference books- General books , Hindi story/Novel, English story/Novel, Biography, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, Activity, Poem, Essay, Competitive Books, Tourism Subject/ Course books- English ,Maths , Science, Social Studies, General Knowledge, Computer, Sanskrit, Art, Map, Evs, Conversation, Listening and Speaking, Moral science Other tools-Cd’s, Chart, Magazines, Newspapers Internet facility How to use library? Through library periods- Students come to library in their library period. They read different kind of books here .They choose and borrow them using library forms. They write their name in library register also. For any Project/activity students take the books from then library apart from the library period. Teachers also borrow the books from the library. To use the library properly open access system is followed from class six onwards. Below fifth class students they get different books like story, activity in their library periods. All books are arranged according to DDC system subject wise in their shelves. Library room is airy , ventilated with proper light system. A good arrangement is made for sitting to the students. Students utilize the library hours properly. I/C, Library

School Transport

Transport School buses are available for the students as per the availability of the seats. The following rules are to be observed. The school does not entertain any request for change in bus-stops, Bus route is designed to suit individual conveniences. School reserves the right to increase the bus fare at any time to meet the increasing costs. For cancelling the bus pass a notice of clear 30 days from the 1st day of the month from which the bus facility is not required is to be submitted in the office.

Arts & Crafts Rooms

The limitless imagination of creative minds finds artistic expression in the Art class room. Students are introduced to various art forms and styles as the aesthetic aptitude is finely tuned and given direction. Following are some of the activities that children can participate in to develop their art & craft passion and skills: Still Life, Shading

Music Rooms

The school introduces the students to the wonderful world of music in its own unique way and at the same time, it helps them to unwind from the daily routine of studies. Following are the options available to students as part of Music and Dance activities. The room houses various musical instruments to be learnt by students. The students are exposed to drums, keyboard, guitar, tabla, congo, bongo, mouth organ, harmonium, and practice Indian classical, western, folk and contemporary time and again.

Class Rooms

The Classrooms at HPS are workshopscr1 for learning. They foster a positive learning environment that is warm and inviting as well as functional. Many classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities. They are spacious and have an extensive display area for the students’ own work which increases collaboration among the students.

E-Learning Rooms

Special audio-visual presentations are arranged related to the concepts which lead to quick and better retention of concepts in children. It is also equipped with projector and a white board which helps the students to explore visual presentation on various topics which strengthens the concepts on various subjects visually and is a very useful re- enforcement technique for the topics covered in the classroom.