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Blood Group Project

Projects are part of HPS curriculum. In this series Science Club of the school initiated a project on How to Determine the Human Blood Group. Classes IX & X participated in the event.       The topic ‘Blood’ is in the science syllabus of IX & X therefore a demonstration of this act was introduced. Theory becomes easy when we do things practically and understanding becomes more significant. Mr. Bhagwant Singh, one of the Science teachers of the school explained the different blood groups and the principal that works behind the blood test . In his demonstration, he displayed that three chemicals ie monoclonal antibodies A, B and D  which are required for the testing of blood groups. He also clarified  that same protein present in blood and chemical do  not clot but if they are different they would clot and it  decides the blood group. In one slide he took three drops of blood of  Vinay , a  student of class X ,  and  tested with anti –A, anti-B and anti-D. Clotting with B and D chemical decided that his blood group is B positive, later on Vinay confirmed that yes he is having the same group. With the help of the following table one can understand the process of blood group identification .
Antibodies A Antibodies B Antibodies D Blood group
× × A-
× A+
× × B-
× B+
× × O+
× × × O-
× AB-
  Satyam Yadav (Class-X A) Science  Club,HPS

Summer Camp,May 2014

A Report on Summer Camp

May, 2014 As the world is moving towards a great change, education has also geared towards strengthening children’s thinking skills and enhancing their learning. Therefore, our school had made a great effort to organize a Summer Camp in school campus for a period of 10 days. There were various activities like:- Games, Music, Art & Craft, Spoken English, Computer Skills and Dance. Students practiced different skills under the supervision of the teachers. They experienced working independently in different fields and enjoyed learning. On the last day of the summer camp a small program was set up to show the parents what children have learnt in their areas. There were dances, art presentation, computer programming, and music along with an English kit. All the viewers really enjoyed and satisfied with the performance of the children and gave them best wishes for their creativity.  

                                                                     By Mrs. Parvinder Kaur