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Blood Group Project

Projects are part of HPS curriculum. In this series Science Club of the school initiated a project on How to Determine the Human Blood Group. Classes IX & X participated in the event.       The topic ‘Blood’ is in the science syllabus of IX & X therefore a demonstration of this act was introduced. Theory becomes easy when we do things practically and understanding becomes more significant. Mr. Bhagwant Singh, one of the Science teachers of the school explained the different blood groups and the principal that works behind the blood test . In his demonstration, he displayed that three chemicals ie monoclonal antibodies A, B and D  which are required for the testing of blood groups. He also clarified  that same protein present in blood and chemical do  not clot but if they are different they would clot and it  decides the blood group. In one slide he took three drops of blood of  Vinay , a  student of class X ,  and  tested with anti –A, anti-B and anti-D. Clotting with B and D chemical decided that his blood group is B positive, later on Vinay confirmed that yes he is having the same group. With the help of the following table one can understand the process of blood group identification .
Antibodies A Antibodies B Antibodies D Blood group
× × A-
× A+
× × B-
× B+
× × O+
× × × O-
× AB-
  Satyam Yadav (Class-X A) Science  Club,HPS

Student Council Election 2014-15

Student Council Election, 2014

Public speaking is an   oratory skill that involves good vocabulary, clarity of thought and wide vision. It is certainly  a creative combination of language and thought .Good leaders  are  always a good speakers because  they know how to deal with the feeling of  people. Our school imparts the Leadership quality  by giving an opportunity through the medium of student council  election. Council elections indeed pass on the values for democracy in a sensible way. The Council has its own constitution and according  to that students of class nine are  eligible to contest for  Vice Captain, tenth students are eligible for Captains and class eleventh students can file their names for the  Head Boy, Head Girl , Sports  Captain and house captain as per the norms & standards set by the  constitution. A student is eligible if he / she has a   good academic record, 80 % attendance, good communication skills, has participated in various activities in past years, possesses leadership qualities and believes in philanthropy. This year HPS conducted Council Election on May13 under the guidance of Head boy Jatin Gupta, Head girl Mansi Malik, all house captains and all vice captains conducted the election under the patronage of the Principal, Mr. M. C. Uniyal. Speaking on the occasion, he said, “In democracy the most important thing is right to express, a key ingredient of one’s persona. The freedom of expression not only makes students a good communicator, but also widens their empathetic attitude towards others.  Exposure to such activity in schooling unquestionably prepares students for future challenges of life.” Students with enthusiasm voted and after that counting started in front of House In charges Mr. Chandra Prakash   Arya, Mr. Bhagwant Singh , Mr. Anil Kumar, Mr. Pradeep Singh Rautela ,Mr. R.P. Kashyap and Mr. Hem Chandra Tiwari . This year the students elected the following Members for the New Students’ Council.
HEAD BOY Vaibhav Upadhyay
HEAD GIRL Varnita Upadhyay
SPORTS CAPTAIN Shivani Rawat                         Elected unopposed
Bhanu Prakash
Komal Sharma
Divyangi Bhatnagar
Divya Koranga

 The election process was conducted by Mrs. Mudita Uniyal.


Plagiarism and Students Activity based on PPT-25 Apr 2014

“Plagiarism and Students”

PowerPoint Presentation Activity

‘Plagiarism and Students’ activity was conducted on 25/04/2014 for classes IX & X by integrated clubs (IT, Heritage & English Club). It was a house wise activity. Four students from each house participated in the activity. All the participants took part actively. The judgment criteria for the activity was based on definition, types & Societal Impact, Language & Pronunciation, Graphics, Visual effects & sound. This activity was conducted & Judged by Mr. R.P. Kashyap (IT Club), Mr. P.S. Rautela (Heritage Club) & Mr. Anil Kumar (English Club). The result of this activity- Chandrasekhar House got First position & Second position was shared by Udham Singh House and Ashfaq Ullah Khan House. Now the finally the winner participants are Himani Danu (Class X A), Harshit (Class X B), Diyangi Bhatnagar (Class IX B) & Adiba (Class IX A).

Mr. R.P. Kashyap

    (IT Club)